Confessions, No. 2

Let’s put it on the table
I’m not quite sure what I’m doing and it’s wonderful

No planning
No fear
No hope
No doubts

Just calm resolute splendor

Here with you now
Friends what shall we talk about
I want to hear your stories and tell you mine
I want you to feel the wonder of yourself
You are so beautiful in your longing and sadness

To have awareness of trillions of cells in your body
And a little of how they function
To have awareness of trillions of stars in the Universe
And know our place in it
To see the atom split
And feel the cool wind blowing
To learn we live in a Hologram
And not lose my faith
To find the craziest people on Earth
And gladly join my loneliness with the jokers
To be interconnected to all in mind
And take the time to stand apart
To realize we did have a Savior
And he is alive in me

I stand on a plain with my elders
We stand at the four corners
In an open field on the prairie
The sky is split in two as are we
Half view to eternity
I see that I am running with all the others
From the beginning of time
We fell so far
All we can do is offer our humble lessons

I am no one special
I could be driven by madness or…
But I understand the Universe
I know myself
I have made others take notice
I will not be silenced or denied
The awareness aligns you with another world beneath the world
I went searching in deep holes trying to redefine myself
What I found is erupting out of me
No doubts
Just awareness expanding
I can tell truth from lie

I want nothing from you
I care not for fame or riches
I see myself in the lead
The great wave collapse is coming
You can’t hide
What you are will be seen by all
No more masks
No more deception

How do I know these things?

Because I am awake and alive
These were things I needed for this time
I do not stand alone
I claim the Universe
I bequeath it to all that Love

I’d say I found my answer
It is in all of you
I will start a new journey soon
One of Divine purpose
What more purpose is there but to serve creation
We need to change
Just leave behind your fear and follow
Seek the light and voice inside and prepare yourselves
Whatever comes I will meet it walking with My Beloved
On the road to eternity
Ready to give my life that we can know
In a planck second take my life if it pleases you
I am awash in a Love dancing up and down my spine
Tesla’s vision made flesh
I can shape it and mold it in the creative place
I can manifest the most horrible nightmares
Or heavenly splendor
Turn away and twiddle with meaningless words
Find your voice and roar
When more of your day is focused within yourself
You have a clue

Listen and you will know

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