The Masters of Light

4413635914_39bd961953_zPlease forgive my babbling today, I know not what I do. Just having some fun and if you enjoy yourself, well freakin awesome! I am a new writer and finding my way in jumps and starts. I don’t write for your praise, I write what I can’t help but write and shout it loud and far freely to anyone who would care to listen. I’m kinda weird, but I like it. I didn’t say it was good either, you were warned. I sing a song I can not explain. It tells me that I am right where I should be and seeing clearly now. The babbling shall now continue…” – The Management

“A beginning is a very delicate time.” – Dune – Princess Irulan

How can this be? To be so close to it again, to feel it’s quantum warmth in the nano tubules of our souls and not connect??? I long to taste that most forbidden fruit. We are eternal and condemned by our Love. How can this be the meaning of us?

Silence! Again Liktapor you scatter your quantum mess about our perfect garden! How many times must you ask the question you will never hear an answer to? They are chosen, there is no more question. There is but to do what we are made to do. Why always do you question? Your cries only fuel the fires of the deepest darkest nullest black holes. Dry your empty tears.

Nagem, I hate you!
I hate this nothing … … …
Void and empty space.
I begin to hate that which I can never be.
This must be the beginning of Evil!

to be continued…

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